The project

Behind Our Beauty in the Fire is the need to share insights into a complex private world made of uncomfortable feelings and deep desires, representing (through music) a self and its many voices and personae. 

Thematically, they try to explore the ambiguity and ambivalence of life: transience and vision, longing and defeat, as the name itself suggests. Naive yet disimpassioned and sophisticated, the speakers and voices behind Our Beauty in the Fire aim at leading the listener through fear, melancholy, sheer joy, anxiety and sweet surrender.

Musically, Our Beauty in the Fire’s vision relies on acoustic or classical guitars coupled with classical or modern instruments (but often used together), vocal harmonies, and deep and intense lyrics.

Among my influences are Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Current 93, Leonard Cohen, and Italian songwriters like Fabrizio De André and Piero Ciampi, to name a few.

The name of the project came from one of the first songs I was working on ('I Burned the City to the Ground'). This powerful image came to my mind, was included in the song ("I wish I hadn't seen / Our beauty in the fire") and then I thought it could be the perfect representation of what I was looking for in music.